Gary Alvo, D.D.S. - Taking Care of your Family.

16600 NE 8 Avenue
N. Miami Beach, FL 33162

Phone: 305-944-3441

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Gary Alvo, D.D.S. - Taking Care of your Family.Gary Alvo, D.D.S. - Taking Care of your Family.Gary Alvo, D.D.S. - Taking Care of your Family.Gary Alvo, D.D.S. - Taking Care of your Family.

About the Office:


Dr. Alvo has been at his location in North Miami Beach, FL since 1981. He has a diverse patient population ranging from very young children to senior citizens. His patients come from all walks of life and different backgrounds. He enjoys the eclectic nature of his dental practice.


Our Services:


Dr. Alvo is a general dentist and performs most phases of dentistry. Some of the services available are:


Cosmetic - to make your smile brighter and whiter.


Tooth Whitening - to illuminate your smile.


Digital X-rays - less radiation for the patient.


Restorative (fillings) - only composite resins (white).


Crown and Bridge - for missing teeth or fractured individual teeth.


Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) - when necessary due to nerve involvement for individual teeth.


Periodontics - usually limited to cleanings and root plane/scale (deep cleanings) when appropriate.


Oral Surgery - simple extractions when deemed appropriate.


Implant Restorations


Our Staff:


Dr. Alvo has six full and part time employees. His receptionists are Fanny and Dionne. They will set up your appointments, get insurance information from and for you, and discuss any financial issues. The office will work with patients on financial matters.


When calling the office regarding your dental insurance, we ask that you provide us with vital information to confirm your coverage eligibility and details of your coverage. This information will include the insured's social security number or insurance identification number, date of birth and insurance company phone number. If it is for a family member of the insured we will need the foregoing information plus the family member's date of birth.


Dr. Alvo's dental assistant is Kathy. She is at the office not only to assist Dr. Alvo with treating his patients, but also to make your visit as pleasant as possible.


Dr. Alvo has 2 dental hygienists, Tara and Paola. They perform dental cleanings, take x-rays, give oral hygiene instructions and help Dr. Alvo explain any treatment you may need.


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Dr. Alvo has recently added a TRU DEF SCANNER for better fitting crowns and CARIVU to find cavities without x-rays.

Dr. Alvo uses DIGITAL X-RAYS in his office. These produce sharper images, making diagnosis easier, and require less radiation for patients.


About Dr. Alvo:


Dr. Alvo was born in the Bronx, New York and raised in Queens, New York. He attended City College of New York where he received a degree in Civil Engineering in 1974. He then attended the Georgetown University School of Dentistry in Washington, D.C.


After graduating in 1978, Dr. Alvo and his wife, Eileen, moved to Miami, FL. He has been practicing dentistry in the Miami area since that time. Eileen is a physical education teacher, personal trainer, and nationally recognized jump rope coach. Her jump rope team, the Jumpin' Beinz, competes anually at the Junior Olympics as well as other regional competitions.


The Alvos have three children. Jamie is a bilingual/special education teacher in Connecticut and is married to Wes, also a teacher. They have a beautiful daughter, Erica. Brian has a Masters in Business Administration. He lives and works in North Carolina and is married to Stefanie, an opthamologist. They have a handsome son, Ethan. Greg is an internet entrepreneur in New York City and is the Founder and CEO of OrderGroove, an internet based company. His wife Caroline is a nutritional counselor and recently had a beautiful daughter named Adriana.


Dr. Alvo is a member of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association and the South Florida District Dental Association.


Dr. Alvo volunteered for twenty years in a youth baseball league, the Howard Palmetto Baseball Association. He retired as the commissioner of the league in 2006, a title he held for five years.


Dr. Alvo has been involved with Temple Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom in southwest Miami, and served as its president from May, 2009 until May, 2011.


Dr. Alvo is actively involved in a Miami-Dade County dental program for indigent children and Donated Dental Services (D.D.S.) for adults who need dental treatment and cannot afford it otherwise.


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Hours of Operation:


Dr. Alvo's dental office is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. It is also open on Saturdays from 8 A.M. until 2 P.M.


The office maintains a punctual schedule so we request that patients arrive as close as possible to their scheduled appointment time. Arriving significantly late will take away from your time and the next patient's as well. We prefer 24 hours notification for any cancellations. If you miss an appointment please call so we can reschedule you as soon as possible.

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We accept all insurances (traditional, PPO, etc.) except HMO's. Patients may be treated with benefits at Dr. Alvo's office even if he is not on their PPO list.


We also accept assignment of dental benefits which means the patient pays us their portion as treatment proceeds and the office waits for the insurance portion.


Dr. Alvo's office accepts CareCredit.  CareCredit is an easy way for patients to finance their dental care, from 6 months to 24 months.  Ask us about CareCredit.




We see all emergencies (assuming the office is open) that day. We do not make anyone wait another day or more if the patient is in pain. An initial consultation for the emergency entails as many x-rays necessary for proper diagnosis, examination, any needed prescriptions and possible referral to a specialist if deemed appropriate or beyond the scope of Dr. Alvo's expertise. If patients seek emergency relief only and are unsure if they wish to continue treatment, a full credit will be given to future treatment if they return within 30 days.


Practice Philosophy:


Dr. Alvo's goal is to have a continued, long-term dental relationship with each patient. His reputation has been built on practical, conservative treatment. He welcomes questions and will be happy to adress any concern.


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